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Check availability and make payment arrangements for fishing dates with Capt. Dexter Simmons by email (
or by telephone: 305-304-5880 (cell & text)

All fishing charters include complimentary use of Sage and Loomis Rods, Tibor and Shimano Reels, Sci. Angler & RIO fly lines, Seaguar Flourocarbon leaders & tippets, hand tied flies and lures and all terminal tackle, an iced down cooler with bottled water and your fishing licenses (1-2 anglers per charter, if more anglers please advise).

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Book a FULL DAY FISHING TRIP ($800 PER 8 HOUR DAY) with Key West Fly Fishing!*

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6 Hour

Book a 6 HOUR FISHING TRIP ($700 PER 6 HOUR DAY) with Key West Fly Fishing!*

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Half Day

Book a HALF DAY FISHING TRIP ($600 PER 4 HOUR DAY) with Key West Fly Fishing!*

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Send a DEPOSIT ($200 PER DAY) for Fishing Trip with Key West Fly Fishing!*

Fishing Trip Dates

Belize Fishing Trip

7 day Belize fishing trip for July 10th – July 17th. 


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We long for the good old days when a lady or gentleman would wait for a proper introduction from a mutual acquaintance before attempting to talk to a stranger; when calling cards would be left with the recipient’s butler or fishing friend, out of respect for the recipient’s privacy.

Alas, modern technology has allowed us many new ways to intrude on your privacy. But we won’t do it. Nor will we knowingly help any third party do it.

We don’t share your info. with anybody for any reason. We don’t even use it ourselves for anything more than the booking of a sport fishing trip that you have ordered.

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Capt. Dexter Simmons

Proud Member of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Blue Star Guide Program.